Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to use Google Drive

How to use Google Drive

Google Drive has made entry into the cloud storage service prepared to compete with Dropbox, Skydrive, Sugar Sync, Box and other online/cloud storage services. This is a free web based service from Google and its a replacement for Google docs. Yes its a replacement, so for many of you who already have been using Google Docs, its an extended version of Google Docs. The service lets you store your files online and access it from anywhere and everywhere you are. You can access it from your computer or phone or tablet.

To get start and use Google Drive. Go to Google Drive page at You will see a screen like below.

If you already have a google account (gmail / youtube or any other google account), you can login. You will be taken to the gmail like looking Google Drive file browser. You will notice that your Google Docs files are already imported to your Google Drive.

Next step is to download and install Google Drive Desktop Application for your PC. You can find it in the Notifications area. If you can't find it there you can download it from

Once the desktop application installation is over, you can find the shortcut to the Google Drive folder on your desktop/laptop Favorites section in the Windows Explorer. It automatically syncs your existing files and folders with your local system.

So far I have noticed that the sync process initially and later on is slower than drop box, may be because google servers have a higher load.

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