Friday, June 15, 2012

Dropbox - Cloud Storage Review

Dropbox has been the favorite for many. The reasons are obvious. Simplisity and usability. You save a file to your folder and voila.. its accessible from around the globe and its there as part of your folder structure on any machines that has your Dropbox account configured.  Moreover its naturality is something that pulls any users into it in no time. You don't use a separate client software to manage your dropbox files. Its part of your windows or mac folder structure and the small indicators on the corner of the folder icon is pretty handy to know the state of the sync. Also it has got client softwares on all popular platforms. PC/MAC/iOS/Android. Hopefully we can expect a client for windows mobile soon. Apple iCloud is also worth mentioning, but the drawback is the platform dependancy. Its only supported on Mac and iOS and the features are less as the purpose is kind of specific. Dropbox are the ones who showed the others how to do it.

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