Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Google Drive - Windows 7 Download - Desktop App

How to download Google Drive Desktop Application for Windows 7

This is the age of online or cloud storage. Google Drive is the latest evolved form of this technology from Google. You can store your personal documents on the cloud/internet and access it from anywhere. This facility is of great help when you use multiple devices or gadgets. You can save your personal files in your office laptop in specific folder on your laptop linked to Google Drive. You can later access it from your home PC or iPhone or iPad or any tablets. Its all so easy and convenient. Forget about your USB storage and file transfers and messy syncing.
When I decided to use Google Drive, the main concern was that I couldn't find the client software to download and install on my Windows 7 machine. I searched online and check Google sources in vain. May be Google has not started giving it out to the public.
Finally I managed to find the download link here:

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