Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mouse Jumping problem while typing.

This is a very annoying problem especially when you type looking at your keyboard.
You may be very late to realize that you were typing on the wrong lines because your cursor jumped to wrong lines while you were typing.
The issue bugged me for a while on my HP Pavilion dv6. I blamed my laptop for this and always kept the Touchpad disabled to avoid any instance where the line jumping /shifting happened because of the touchpad or if it was super sensitive that the touchpad detected movements without actually touching it. But disabling touchpad didn't help me.
Finally after long experiments, I could figure out the issue was actually windows. The issue was resolved by disabling an option related to mouse in windows mouse settings. Here's how exactly you can do it.
1) Goto Control Panel
2) If your control panel view is in Category mode, select "View devices and printers" under "Hardware and Sound". Right click the mouse from the list and select "Mouse Settings". You will get the "Mouse Properties" window.
Alternatively if your control panel is in detailed list view, select the "Mouse" option. You will get the "Mouse Properties" window.
3) In the "Mouse Properties" windows select the "Pointer Options" tab.
4) As in the screenshot, unselect the "Hide pointer while typing" checkbox.
5) Apply and OK.
My mouse jumping issue was solved.